April 10-12 , 2020
Virtual Hackathon

Challenges | FAQs | Partners

Challenges | FAQs | Partners


An online hackathon to fight the crisis of COVID-19, by empowering young people to innovate and create ideas that can relieve some problems raised recently according to our need.

This is a local movement aiming to empower solidarity that is powered by MENA Hacks. As a collaboration with other international hackathons from US, UK, Europe as a global movement that is live now Hack Quarantine, Hack for Italy and Hack Kosicke. We seek partnerships in various sectors and fields for maximum outreach, impact and effectiveness.

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What challenges?
Support Health
Support Education
Support Business / Remote Work

We see Crisis HackX as a relief for all our stakeholders to keep engaged, contribute to each other and learning new skills! Expecting the outputs to be:

– Creation of mobile apps, web platforms, videos, designs, information graphs

– Tools to ensure social life

– Tools and solutions to facilitate homeschooling

– Develop tools to facilitate self-isolation

– Connecting helpers with helpees (connect volunteers communities)

And much more for your imagination 😉

Aligned with SDGs

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A hackathon is a combination of the words “hack” and “marathon”, which is a 24:48 hours competition-conference style that provide students with the opportunity to express themselves and tackle challenging problems in a simple way using different technologies. You can always have fun & enjoy a lovely atmosphere with different activities during the hackathon, maybe meditation, team games, sauna! Who knows!

No, it’s not that kind of hacking, we are not gonna steal your password, haha! Hacking is basically building something. It could be anything for fun to gain experience or for solving real life problem for a startup idea.

It’s totally FREE. Almost all hackathons are free of cost, WiFi, meals, swag, sleeping areas and the workspace. That’s all possible, thanks to our partners who believe in hacker community mission.

Yes. So the whole point is forming teams (3-5 members) and working on a project gives you the opportunity to work in a real life setting. with a  chance to work with people from different background, skill set, and even nationalities.

Most hackathons have “Meet-and-Greet” events before the actual event where you meet other attendees and look for teammates.

In a hackathon, you work on a challenge and find an intelligent solution for it during a small time. This will give you the skills of competing with many other hackers, you will gain the skills of team collaboration as you are going to work as a team. This could be: Web, mobile, hardware, anything! Projects will be judged based on creativity, technical difficulty, polish and usefulness by a panel of industry judges. The idea is yours and you reserve all the intellectual property for it.

The main language is English, we want to facilitate communication for everyone who wants to join. Still, you can use any language inside your team.

It’s for ANYONE. Yep, you read it right. Anyone who is interested in technology and loves to learn and build cool stuff can attend a hackathon. it’s open to others involved in software development, including graphic designers, project managers, often including domain experts, collaborate intensively on software projects or startup ideas.

No, you don’t. The organizers usually hold workshops throughout the hackathon for anyone who is new to programming or someone who wishes to learn more about a particular topic. Mentors are also available 24/7. So if you go to a hackathon without knowing what you want to do, that’s totally fine because you will have these mentors at your service to help and guide you.

Hackathons are the ideal environment to gain experience and learn new skills in the areas that appeal to you. You can: Meet new people, on national and global wise. Enjoy the awesome atmosphere of hackathons. Meet recruiters, with a chance to help land an interview for job opportunities.

You can subscribe to our newsletter and we will send all info about upcoming hackathons, deadlines, travelling opportunities and more.

We’ll have some online workshops, online side games and other activities to let you have fun beside hacking!

Sure, our team will be delighted to get your inquiries and help you.

Email us: [email protected]

What professionals say about us!
What professionals say about us!
I endorse MENA Hacks' initiative with its well dedicated values which will benefit students from various disciplines.MENA Hacks has made tremendous progress throughout their journey as a hackathon platform, including but not limited to the opportunity to travel abroad for participation in hackathons.As one of the mentors of their team leader, Mohamed, I believe in their hard work and passion to achieve something different, on larger scale for all students of Egypt and MENA region.
I believe MENA Hacks has a lot of potential for helping and supporting students in many trending disciplines. The team of MENA hacks with their leader, Mohamed, are hard workers, enthusiastic, dedicated and conscious persons. They have an intellectual capacity and willingness to explore new ways for adding to students of Egypt and MENA area. I highly recommend students to get benefit from their great opportunities.

Mentors & Speakers
Ayman Elkadi - Software Engineer, FinnAir
Angela Bee Chan - Head of Innovation & Growth, Schneider Electric
Moamen Said - CEO and Founder, I-Gamify.net
Mahmoud Magdy - Android developer, Black Squares Solutions
Ahmad Hussein - Former Software Engineering Intern, Microsoft Advanced Technology Lab
Mohamed Abdeljalil - MEA Business Development Manager, HERE
Abdelrahman Othman - First Aid Trainer, Egyptian Red Crescent
Tarek Wael - Learning & Development Manager, Boost Training & Consulting

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